Cannons Club

Cannons is all about helping our members to feel brilliant through exercise, relaxation or providing them with a place to take time out.

Our aim is for all our members to leave happy, relaxed and engergised.

Sound like fun? Come down and experience one of our clubs, we'd love to see you.

If your looking for Cannons Health clubs click Cannons Health Clubs

The best way to get a feel for your local Cannons Health Club is to come and see us. We'd love to show you around and answer any questions..


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Cannons Health Clubs

The finest portfolio of health and fitness clubs nationwide, providing impressive stylish facilities in a friendly, professional environment. Cannons Health Clubs offer great value for money. Whether you are looking to join a club for the first time or are thinking of upgrading to a Cannons Health Club - we hope you will take just a little time to come and try us out! You will be most welcome.

Whichever Club you visit you can be confident of finding attractive facilities, quality staff and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

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All about Kidney Health and Fitness

Causes of Kidney Failure
In the human body the important roles are served by the kidney. Some of the virtue roles that are performed by the kidney include; the stimulization of the red blood cells production, controlling blood pressure, filtering blood, balancing the level of electrolyte and removing waste products. Without these essential physiological processes it will be hard for the body to survive. Some of the life threatening ailments are kidney failure and kidney disease and they must be treated immediately when detected.

One of the common causes of kidney failure and disease is known as the diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus occurs when there is no enough insulin produced by the pancreatic glands, which work allot like a security agency in London . Lack of sufficient insulin can lead to difficulty in regulating the blood sugar level. The kidneys are often damaged by the continuous change in blood sugar. Over the time the blood vessels are damaged when you a suffering from diabetes. Due to th...

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Nutrition for Kids

Without educating children on what they should take in and what they should avoid can positively constitute to a healthy diet. The children caregiver should make sure that the children get the necessary diet for their nutrition because kids themselves cant say what it is good fro them or what should be not included in their nutrition.

One of the most important parts of the kids diets is the vegetables. The nutrition value can be added by providing your kids with the vegetables with light colors as well as those with the dark colors. Even though the both vegetables can be served and bring the positive value to the diet of your children, preferably I recommend the usage of the dark one since they are rich in high nutritional value compared to the light vegetables. Darker vegetables provide your kids with the vitamin K and A in larger amounts. Some of the examples of the dark vegetables may include; spinach, turnip greens, collards and broccoli.

Come on the side of fruits, the more nutritious fruits are the darker ones as in the case with vegetables, these are more popular just like night guard security. Some of the fruits which can be considered as the dark fruits are; cranberries, kiwi, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries among many others. Vitamin B3, E, C and A are all contained in the majority of the above mentioned fruits. The process...

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Healthy Diet for children

For the children to lead healthy lives you should be aware that they require right eating. Yes.we all know that good eatings leads to good health of our children but what really constitutes to healthy? Ok, to ensuring nutritional diets for your kid selecting the correct amount of fruits and choosing the right types such as grains, vegetables and proteins are very crucial for your children.

Using the food pyramid to familiarize you will highly contribute to the habits of exercising together with guiding children in healthy day to day life. The food pyramid shows you the number of items that should be aimed to be consumed daily by the group of children. Additionally, the food pyramid will clearly give a true illustration on the type of food that should be consumed by the children.

Understanding the shape of the food pyramid contributes to how well you will use it to help your children enjoy good health, great care should be given to the planning of a healthy diet, as would a company employing a corporate security guards. The quantity of food that should be consumed by the children has been well described by the new modification of the food pyramid guide. There are colorful sections that compose the pyramid of food for both kids and adults. There are also diagonal ...

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